Out of State Customers

Buy with confidence right from your home or office – no matter where you live! Every Hyundai Purchase/order or Pre-Owned Purchase is different. These FAQ’s may provide some answers.

Q: Why should I buy from Doug’s Hyundai?
A: You can expect to buy a Hyundai or Pre-Owned vehicle from us quicker and for less than your local dealer would charge. Our customer satisfaction index remains near the top of the list nationwide. Give us a call with any questions you may have.

Q: Will I pay taxes in Washington?
A: Not unless you live here. You will pay the sales tax, tag and title fees in your home state.

Q: How can I take delivery of my Hyundai or Pre-Owned Vehicle?
A: You will have two options for taking delivery of your new Hyundai or Pre-Owned Vehicle:

  1. You can pick it up and drive it home or we can arrange to pick you up at Sea-Tac International Airport and bring you to the dealership.
  2. Have it delivered to you. We use several licensed and insured carriers who can ship your vehicle directly to you.

If you purchase an in-stock vehicle We can recommend several licensed and insured carriers who can ship your Hyundai directly to you. These carriers charge by the mile.

Q: What if We have a trade-in?
A: Doug’s Hyundai will consider all trade-ins. Provide us with a photo of the vehicle, the mileage, options and condition and we’ll give you an estimated trade-in value. All trade-in estimates are verified when you bring your vehicle to us to inspect.

Q: What about emission requirements?
A: Only Ca. and the N.E. states have different emission requirements for their cars. New Hyundais meet the “50-State Emission” requirements. On Pre-Owned vehicles, we can assist in making sure they meet your State’s requirements.